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With the pre-installed operating system, the COMEXIO OS, you already have everything on board that you need for a smart home. The software is divided into a user area the COMEXIO Visu, and a programming area, the COMEXIO Studio.

For Using


Completely freely-configurable visualisation for virtually every browser-enabled terminal device such as a smartphone, tablet, computer or touchscreen. More

Visu und App auf Tablet und Smartphone

For Configuration


The powerful software sets no limits to your imagination and enables you to program easily using drag and drop.More

Comexio Studio

Visu and App

Easy operation

Whether a simple dashboard or floorplan, with Comexio Visu almost everything can be controlled and monitored at the touch of a finger.

Ideal for Smartphone and Tablet

With our Comexio Visu you can develop especially adapted dashboards, not only for your smartphone but also for your tablet. In this way you can then control the lighting in your home from the sofa or see whether the window in the bedroom is closed.

Comexio Smartphone Visu

The whole house at a glance

By integrating a floorplan you can visualise the whole house just like in real life. Here the actuators are in the right place and can be operated easily with a touch.

Tablet Visu


Easy programming

With the probably first and most comprehensive browser-enabled function plan you can implement and link virtually any requirement easily using drag and drop – and can so it live and from any location. There are no limits to your imagination.

Comexio Studio

Pre-assembled modules make life easier

In addition to the familiar logic and processing modules, Comexio Administration offers solutions especially tailored to building automation. For example, apart from the light scenes modules, there are also more complex modules such as roller shutter control, with which you can do a lot but don’t have to do much.

Comexio vorkonfektionierte Bausteine wie Rolladensteuerung

Visualise like a professional

Creating suitable visualisations is just as easy as programming the functions. Simply upload the floorplan and drag the required elements onto the relevant places. Dashboards are perfect, especially for the smartphone. Here the elements can be arranged clearly in the grid, for example; to control the roller shutters or to know how warm it is at home, in order to start up the heating punctually.

Tablet Visu

More Software


The Comexio Planner is the perfect tool for planning and designing the automation of a building. Use the quick planning tool to prepare or quotations at short notice or detailed design of the automated creation of parts lists distributor documentation. You can create a parts list or documentation in only a few minutes.

Comexio Planer

Features at a glance:

  • Quick Planning
  • Detailed planning
  • Preparation of documentation


Program, test and plan all your projects from any location.

Comexio Manager

Easy management of your projects

Manage several projects on an intuitive map and share them with a partner with a click.

Virtual Server

Create as many virtual servers as you want, which offer the full functional scope of a Comexio system. That means full programmability and fully extendable, just like a physical system, only virtual. You can of course also load the virtual programs onto a physical server.

Comexio Programmierung

Cost-free remote access

With Comexio Remote you can access your IO server from anywhere in the world, free of charge. What is Comexio Remote? Comexio Remote is a free DynDNS service which is provided by Comexio and enables access to your server from the whole world.

Comexio Remote

Test Now


All onboard! Updates free!

On each server, the software COMEXIO OS is preinstalled. In the software everything is included what an intelligent building needs for programming and use. That means for you: You just need a server to get started.

Comexio IO-Server mit Box

100% browser support

COMEXIO already offers full browser support, i.e. everything can beprogrammed and displayed using a web browser.From almost anywhere and using any device that has a browser. No further software is required. Irrespective of whether Mac, Windows, Linus, PC, smartphone or tablet. Of course, everything also works locally whitout the internet.

Tablet Visu

Numerous interfaces included

The software supports besides IP components, KNX and 1-Wire also many other interfaces such as S0 counter, EnOcean radio and includes a flexible API interface which simplifies communication with external systems.

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