20 09, 2021

Autonomous Smart Shuttle System

The development of new products and processes plays a major role at COMEXIO. This is how the idea of the innovative Smart Shuttle System was born.

The Smart Shuttle System is an autonomous transport system that combines assembly support, transport operations and warehouse automation. For this purpose, a self-learning modular system is created with the help

14 09, 2021

IO-Extension and Universal-Actuator now with status LEDs

Welcome to the next level. Welcome to Level 3.

Curtain up for the new generation of system devices. All system devices, from the IO-Server to the Modbus-Bridge, have received an upgrade. The third generation does not only look more stylish but also brings advantages. From now on IO-Server, IO-Extension and Universal-Actuator have

1 09, 2021

Demoboard with all-round update

Our Demoboard has been updated in terms of hardware and Quickbus and is, on balance, more affordable than the previous version. The new IO-Server and LED-Dimmer generation gives the Demoboard a significant upgrade. Also new is the Quickbus interface for the integration of the Multitouch. For this purpose, the Multitouch Demo Kit is included on