Much more than just a button.

COMEXIO Multitouch Completely rethought.

Switching was yesterday One button all possibilities.

 Innovative, Flexible, Multifunctional. Designed for uncompromising comfort, COMEXIO Multitouch is a unique and intuitive operating concept with swipe gestures.

Why COMEXIO Multitouch:

Less cable work

It is a bus system with flexible wiring.


The wiring topology remains future-proof, as it is similar to EIB/KNX.


Based on Quickbus technology. Quickbus is a Plug & Play bus system developed by COMEXIO. More information here.

More flexibility

Very flexible for extensions. The new function is simply assigned to one of 20 gestures.

Plug & Play integration

The integrated Plug & Play function minimizes the programming effort and guarantees a fast commissioning.

Temperature and humidity sensor onboard

With the integrated temperature and humidity sensor and the RGB lighting, the gesture button additionally sets itself apart from its market competitors. An integrated signaller for alarm and notification tones is also included.

Unique operating concept.

Control shutter

Swiping from bottom to top moves the shutter up.

Change light scene

Pressing in any desired position changes the light scene.


All functions are switched off by putting the palm of the hand on the button.

Three colors. Anything but monotonous.


  • White, Effect Light White

  • Black, Effect Light Black

  • Effect Light Steel

Discover our innovative button.

Enjoy COMEXIO Multitouch.

COMEXIO Multitouch combines timeless design with a wide range of features for all ages. The low cable volume, fewer device sockets, a minimal number of terminal blocks and a breathtaking price-performance ratio make the COMEXIO Multitouch even more attractive.

Discover new possibilities for more comfort.

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Here you can find more information about the Quickbus:

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