Daddy said it's child's play
to use COMEXIO.
He's right!
Daddy said it's child's play
to use COMEXIO.
He's right!

The built-in butler service

An intelligent house saves energy and promotes comfort at the same time.



Quality and safety through 60 years of experience

Does the work for you

Remember when they said “Don’t set the heater higher than level 3” and “Turn the heater back to level 2 to sleep”? That you should always turn off the lights when you leave your room or always check all windows when you leave the house to make sure they are closed? Well, these times are over because COMEXIO is now available. Make your house alive and capable of learning. COMEXIO does all this and many other tasks in your house automatically. When you fall asleep or leave the house, you can always have a good feeling from now on. You also save energy and thus protect the environment and your wallet.

Also on the road

Whether at home or on the road, COMEXIO shows you in just one app what’s going on in your house. No matter whether you want to view the building services or other areas of your house: COMEXIO makes it child’s play and everything in one app.

COMEXIO can do that and much more!

Central functions and much more…

What our customers think about it

When it comes to affordable professional Smart Home, Comexio is the right choice.

Graf Bruno, Master electrician

Absolutely ingenious system

Steffen Keller, Customer

Affordable house control, easy to learn!

Lang Patrick, Customer

Smart Home

Your Smart Home actively helps you with many daily tasks. Because the possibilities of COMEXIO are almost unlimited, only the most important and most frequently used applications are shown here. Prank for more info about

In the video the possibilities are explained simply

Our core

Everything starts with an IO-Server. It offers you endless possibilities to adapt your house exactly to your daily routine. Would you like to upgrade your house with COMEXIO? Then be curious about the new products that we will soon be introducing!

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