Quickly and individually into the smart home with the new Smart Home Planner from Comexio

Super easy planning for everyone!

Simply draw your own floor plan or integrate an existing picture and drag and drop easily understandable symbols into the room. You don’t have to be an electrician or engineer to capture the hardware you need. The Comexio Planner makes it possible.

Innovations of the Comexio Smart Home Planner

  • Own articles
  • Background image can be integrated
  • Compatibility check
  • Automatically generated programming
  • Improved documentation

Your own Smart Home planning in just a few steps

Draw floor plan

Create rooms

Insert article

Automatic documentation

Parts list

Your hardware will be planned in detail based on your planning and necessary accessories will be put together for you.

Distributor view

Your Smart Home distributor is displayed in detail so that you can get an overview of the size, built-in devices and terminals.

Terminal plan

Using the terminal plan, you always have an overview of your wiring and you can easily see which application is planned for which device.

100% free!

Start your own planning today and save valuable time. If you need planning support for your Comexio projects, support is of course available.

Register today free of charge and no license need.

Comexio Planner