COMEXIO for Business

COMEXIO is not only suitable for single-family houses, there are also various areas of application in trade and industry.

Professional energy management

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With the COMEXIO system, thanks to the smart meter, you can monitor, record and e-mail all important electrical parameters of your systems, from voltage and current direction to apparent, active and reactive power. Of course you can also monitor the energy consumption of all other consumers connected via COMEXIO because of the integrated consumption measurement.

Automation of major projects

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With our “Out of the Box Solution”, i.e. pre-wired and basic-programmed distributions, COMEXIO can – thanks to standardised boxes – plan building automation simply, quickly and safely. Depending on the type, the boxes optimally combine and coordinate shading, lighting and climate control.

Here you can choose between two variants: Either the Roombox for mounting on columns or under suspended ceilings or the classic distribution system.

Special applications

Because of the almost limitless possibilities of COMEXIO, it is an ideal product for special applications. Here are some examples of how COMEXIO is already used:

  • Server room monitoring
  • Brewery automation
  • Complex heating controls
  • cogeneration units
  • level monitoring
  • Cabinet monitoring

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