Comexio OS 6.2

Comexio OS 6.1

Comexio OS 6

Comexio OS 5.3

  • Modbus-Bridge support
  • New log functions
    • http://>>IP<</admin/system_info/log
  • Remote devices connected via IP (e.g. door stations) are now found even after changing the IP address
  • Analog markers can be used directly from now on

Comexio OS 5.2

Comexio OS 5.1

Comexio OS 5.0

Comexio 4.1

Comexio OS 4.2

Comexio 4.1

Comexio OS 4.1

Comexio 4.1

Comexio OS 4.0

Comexio 4.0

Comexio OS 3.4

Comexio 3.3
  • DALI bridge is supported
  • Responsive mode for rasterless visualizations such as building floor plans
  • Firmware update for extensions is now possible e.g. for Universal Dimmer
  • RGBW support: function block, visual acuity and scene block
  • New building blocks: stairwell light with advance warning and remaining time display, laps
  • Various KNX extensions
  • Various detail improvements in calendar functions, monitoring and API

Comexio OS 3.3

Comexio 3.3
  • Compact server is supported
  • Comexio e-mail service: e-mails can be sent completely without configuration
  • Push-messages can be sent directly to the smartphone (with soon available IOs and Android APP)
  • New calendar functions
  • The Visu modules of the scene module can now also forbid/allow writing individually (but writing is always forbidden if forbidden in the module).
  • Branding: Certified partners can integrate their name, address, logo and a link to the homepage in the system info.
  • OEM: This feature is only available to manufacturers.
  • System info Extended: Network status, operating time

Comexio OS 3.2

Comexio 3.2
  • The universal actuator is supported
  • Calendar functions & smart meters can be integrated into the visualization directly after creation
  • Function diagrams can be saved in PDF format
  • The device overview has been adapted for printing (use →Druckfunktion of your browser).
  • New Function Modules: integration controller, damping module, short-long click detection, weather, irrigation, accumulator
  • New Visu Modules: Irrigation, weather (“Automatically created” suitable for function modules)
  • 1-Wire make administration easier (create offline, replace)
  • CSV download for inputs/outputs
  • New Responsive Mode for Dashboards

Comexio OS 3.1

Comexio 3.1
  • IP space controller is supported
  • A “backup copy” is created when the configuration is downloaded.
  • Monitoring with text display for digital data points to realize “tracking
  • A device can be reset to a “delivery status”, i.e. all user configurations and data are deleted.
  • The status of the KNX tunnel (ETS access) is now visible in the KNX window and can also be set there.

Comexio OS 3.0

Comexio OS 3.0

Comexio OS 2.7

Comexio OS 2.7

New features

  • Visa modules for roller shutters, heating etc. can now also be generated fully automatically. Save up to 70% time when programming
  • Comexio API – the server can now also be controlled by external devices via http-requests
  • “Astro” calendar functions – e.g. raise the shading shortly before sunrise
  • Improved visual inputs – settings are now possible in programming
  • Custom Visu modules can now be downloaded and uploaded again. (Uploading only works from OS version 2.7.1)
  • Preview window for the visual acuity – Test your created visual acuity also without mask change
  • Support of the Comexio Smart Meter
  • Developing multilingualism

Comexio OS 2.6

Comexio OS 2.6

New features

In this version Main improvements of the KNX interface are

  • KNX trigger: A manual trigger mode can now be selected for KNX data points. Telegrams are then sent automatically when changes are made and no longer, but only when the trigger is set from 0 to 1.
  • New: two KNX function blocks (with trigger function above) for easier use of dimmer and blind (DPT3)
  • Various bugfixes and detail improvements

Comexio OS 2.5.4

Comexio OS 2.5

New functions:

  • New elements for visualization:
    • Flexible text module, (Any text can now be integrated with dependencies or variables)
    • Embedded page, stream (Now it is also possible to integrate several cameras into one visualization)
  • In the Dashboard Visu the modules can be zoomed by drag and drop.
  • Visu Module Editor
    • With an integrated graphic editor, you can now create your own visualization modules.
  • Support of universal dimmer States of parameters such as inputs and outputs, flags can now be seen and switched directly in the overview window
  • New scene module:
    • Creation of extensive scenes is now easily possible
    • optional with direct integration and memory function in the visual display
  • The graphical programming now offers a “Live-View” which graphically displays the current states of inputs/outputs and markers
  • 1-Wire: Display of the connection status of 1-Wire sensors, improved IButton support
  • KNX support:
    • Numerous new data points are supported: 3.007, 3.008, 5.001, 5.003, 5.004, 5.005, 5.006, 5.010, 6.001, 6.010, 7.001, 7.002, 7.003, 7.004, 7.005, 7.006, 7.007, 7.010, 8.001, 8.010, 8.002, 8.003, 8.004, 8.005, 8.006, 8.007, 12.001, 13.001, 13.010, 13.011, 13.012, 13.013, 13.014, 13.015, 13.100, 14.005, 14.007, 14.019, 14.027, 14.028, 14.030, 14.042, 14.055, 14.056, 14.057, 14.058, 14.065, 14.068, 14.069, 14.070, 14.074
    • Possibility now to send a “1” directly one after the other


Comexio OS 2.4.1

Comexio OS 2.4

New features compared to the previous version:

  • Graphical monitoring for any data points (analog and/or digital)
  • Copy function in graphic programming
  • Support of the 2nd generation IO-Server and IO-Extension
  • Graphical adaptations for mobile devices (menu navigation, scrolling of visualizations by touch gesture)
  • Enocean ERP Profile extended (EEP A5-11-01, EEP A5-11-02, EEP A5-11-03, EEP A5-11-04)
  • More than 40 new visualization modules available
  • Bug fixes and detail improvements
  • The following functions are only available in the IO-Server(2G):
    • EIB/KNX Monitor: EIB/KNX data points can be received and sent (DPT1 and DPT9)
    • 1-Wire Monitor: 1-Wire Bus temperature sensors and IButton can be evaluated.
    • Configuration upload from server of the 1st generation to the 2nd is possible, Attention: but not vice versa.

Comexio OS 2.2.4

Comexio OS 2.2

Improvements compared to the previous version:

  • Integrated Help for Function Modules (Graphical Programming)
  • WEB IO Universal interface: communication with network components such as audio systems or network cameras, such as Sonos and Mobotix
  • Visualization inputs: Simplified integration of the visualization into the logic functions Parameters for calendar functions, flags, time elements can be changed directly in the graphical programming.
  • Grid snapping and marking functions are now also available for graphic programming. The visualizations can be linked with each other (or externally). Furthermore it is possible to use any visualization as start page.
  • There is now an additional user level: Privileged user, for which individual items in the administration can be unlocked, for example for the calendar functions

Comexio OS 2.0.2

Box IO-Server

With the new version of COMEXIO OS there are some new features and detail improvements which help with programming and commissioning.

New features compared to the previous version:

  • Graphical programming
  • Support of the EnOcean Unit
  • Multiple selection and configurable raster snap in individual visualization Test button for Smtp settings added
  • When saving the flags, the start value can now be accepted directly.
  • The selection menu in the administrator area has been changed so that it is clearer and the basic settings can be processed one after the other during commissioning.
  • The web interface now looks like a native app on the iPad, if you put it as an icon on the start screen
  • The sidebars in the administrator area have been reduced in size so that more space is available for editing.
  • Under the menu item “Extension” you can now see which extensions are “Online” or “Offline”.
  • Scaling of visualization modules
  • Deletion of visualization modules or program modules by Drag & Drop to the trash can

COMEXIO OS 2.0.2 is not yet fully compatible with Windows 8 Tablets and Internet Explorer 10!