The COMEXIO Smart Home Planner

As simple as never before

The graphical planner is the perfect tool to plan your smart home as simply as never before.

Three steps to your Smart Home

1. Draw the ground plan

Grundriss zeichnen

2. Assign rooms

Räume einzeichnen

3. Insert the articles

Artikel einfügen

Simply draw

The Smart Home Planner allows you to simulate almost every building with just a few clicks. Select the number of floors and draw the floor plan.

For the complete technology

Now just insert the components into the plan. Apart from Comexio, the planner is also ideal for conventional circuits, network devices and other systems such as KNX or EnOcean

Automatic documentation

While you are still planning, the planner automatically creates the documentation for your planning in the background, such as part lists, terminal plans, etc.

Planer Dokumentation

Other advantages

And so you can access it

1. Log in the shop or sign up:
Log in page

2. Click on planner

3. Create a new project and open it