New Demoboard: Smart Home 2 Go

The Comexio Demoboard has been updated and brought to the latest state of the art. With the IO-Server 3G and the combination of Multitouch and Motion you now have ideal conditions to simulate versatile functions. We have always made sure that the new demo board remains compact and mobile. With the best price-performance ratio you now have the ideal tool to present all possibilities around the Comexio building automation.


  • Sales Conversation
  • Training of employees
  • Simulation of applications


  • IO-Server 3G incl. SD card
  • Comexio Multitouch & Motion
  • RGBW spot & RGBW band
  • Protective cover and stand in one
  • Demoboard 2 Go – compact and lightweight
  • 12 digital inputs for simulation of touch points
  • Switchable power socket for e.g. laptop