Smart relaxation all day long

The sun rises, a new day awakens, a new week begins. Time to get up and go to work. Your house knows this too and raises the shutters so that the first rays of sunshine already tickle your nose. Then, when it’s finally time to get up, the house lets the alarm ring and starts that cool good morning show on the radio that you like so much. It is comfortably warm in the bathroom, the heating is already turned up. Everything pre-programmed thanks to COMEXIO. A delicious croissant with your coffee for breakfast, quickly tuck your briefcase under your arm and you’ re off to work!

With the press of a button, you can switch off all devices with COMEXIO and also turn down the heating.

Despite power-saving mode: Your house remains smart even in your absence. It can, for example, open and close shutters and blinds and thus, depending on the season, use the incoming sun as an additional heat source or prevent the rooms from heating up. COMEXIO takes care of everything – from energy consumption to safety.

Dream a little about what is possible: You come home in the evening and look forward to a relaxing evening with the family. The annoying housework has already been done by your vacuum robot, so you can concentrate on what’s important – yourself! Now sensual relaxation is the order of the day! You enter your smart home, activate lounge mode and the house dims the lights and starts the right music.