Save energy smartly at home.

Finally summer! The sun is blazing, the air is shimmering.Lawns and flowers crave the evening water bath of the lawn sprinkler. You’re lying on the sofa in the house, reading. Despite the heat outside, the temperature is perfect everywhere in the house. Your Smart Home from COMEXIO takes care of the automatic raising and lowering of the blinds. You don’t need a power-hungry air conditioner.

Even in winter, your COMEXIO Smart Home saves energy: It snowed overnight. The branches bend under the snow load. You come home from sledding with the kids. Inside the house is the perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold. In the children’s room it is a little warmer. Nevertheless, you didn’t waste any energy during the excursion – thanks to COMEXIO’s energy management. When leaving the house, it automatically switches to energy saving mode.

Smart energy management also optimizes the consumption of electricity and gas in private households. This makes COMEXIO a trendsetter: Not only in companies, but also in private households, the economic and ecological use of electricity and heat is being reflected more strongly. Steadily rising energy prices and political framework conditions additionally reward energy savers: Anyone who wants to optimize their energy consumption must first analyze it. Again, COMEXIO is the perfect tool for this.

“With COMEXIO, ecological responsibility becomes cozy.”

Marc Christmann, CEO COMEXIO GmbH
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