“Self-inflicted apartment fire? Horror scenario! Now I know at all times that my iron is off.”

Brigitta van Kulmnick, COMEXIO customer

Mobile communication:
Carry your house in your pocket!

The technology of COMEXIO relieves you in everyday life! So you finally have time for the really important things in life! No matter where you are in the world: You always know that everything is fine at home. But that’s not the only thing that brings you additional quality of life. Thanks to COMEXIO you gain space and time for everything that is important to you. You would like to stay a little longer in the café with your girlfriend, but you are still expecting guests? Start the oven from the road. With COMEXIO you are directly connected to your house. You carry your home with you virtually everywhere: whether you’re on a business trip in Shanghai, cruising the Caribbean, or just around the corner shopping.

Why should your house be able to do less than your smartphone?

Meanwhile, you’ve gotten used to surfing the web or answering emails on your cell phone! Soon, you’ll be taking the benefits of your smart home for granted, too. You will no longer want to do without checking on the road whether everything is still in order at home. Also, the ability to turn off all lights and electrical appliances with the flip of a switch when you leave the house will soon seem just plain convenient!

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