GENIFLEX network cabinets, innovative housings for your network technology

10-inch cabinet

With the 10 inch cabinet you can create clear, orderly wiring. The removable side panels enable effective access. It is ideally suited as the starting point for the network wiring of small networks.

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The extensive 10 inch accessories enable tidy distribution boards. The 10 inch cabinet is ideal as a data distributor for network cameras, offices or any detached house with small networks.

19 inch wall-mounted network cabinet

The 19 inch wall-mounted network cabinets are predestined for systems with increased wiring and, due to the removable doors and side panels, provide 180° access…

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… for easier and faster cable management. With the swivel version you have complete 360° access.


19 inch compact server cabinet

The compact server cabinets of the GENIFLEX series are ideally suitable for all standard servers, for example, HP, Dell or Lenovo.

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The 2-piece side panels enable easy access to the technology, even if not much space is available.

The 12 RU version can also be used as a housing for underbench installation.

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