The COMEXIO principle

Light, heat, energy and safety are largely controlled by the COMEXIO system. However, you can also intervene at any time using a smartphone, computer or tablet. Even on the move!


Different sensors and you, of course, provide the COMEXIO system with information.
It processes this information according to a logic circuit fixed by you and puts different processes into motion.


The house realises that it will be alone for the next few hours. You have activated the central off button in the entrance area and have not entered any further information, such as e.g. „free day“ or „holiday“.

The COMEXIO system turns on the alarm system, measures the room temperature and optimises the house‘s energy consumption through intelligent interaction between heating and shading.

Furthermore, COMEXIO also detects wind and puts your awnings and blinds out of harm‘s way from a storm.

Depending on the system extensions, you can integrate even more functions. Allow us to advise you and then be spoilt by your home!