Über uns

That’ s us

We are an innovative company specializing in the development and marketing of Smart Home and Smart Metering products for private homes and businesses. The headquarters are located in Kerzenheim in Germany. We are an independent company that emerged from the Greiner Group.

Our goal

Our goal is to become a full-service provider in Smart Home for new and existing buildings.

Unsere Vision

In the next few years, we want to become one of the leading providers in the field of building automation in Germany.

The genesis

2011 The idea

  • Originally used as a monitoring system for switchgear, our highly flexible system gave rise to the idea of using it additionally for Smart Home. The basis for COMEXIO was created.

2012 The concept

  • COMEXIO system presented for the first time at the world’s leading trade fair Light + Building
  • First successful equipment of a residential house with our Smart Home System

2013 The start

  • Spin-off into an independent start-up called COMEXIO

2014 The alignment

  • Future focus on Smart Home for residential buildings
  • Product innovations:
    •  LED-Dimmer
    • EnOcean
    • 1-Wire
    • KNX
    • Field distributor (optimized for building automation)

2015 The export start

  • Successful equipping of the first 1000 single-family homes
  • First international cooperations with companies in France, Spain and Poland
  • New software generation: COMEXIO OS 3.0
  • Product innovations:
    • Universal-Dimmer
    • Smart-Meter

2016 The development into a full-service provider for Smart Home in the area of new buildings

  • Covering the areas of lighting, shading, heating and security
  • Sale of individual system devices up to the ready-wired distribution cabinet
  • Product innovations:
    • Universal-Aktor
    • COMEXIO Planner
    • Room controller

2017 The first successful cooperations with prefabricated house manufacturers

  • Contracting with prefabricated house manufacturers
  • New software generation COMEXIO OS 4.0
  • Product innovations:
    • Dali-Bridge

2018 Other new products

  • German Innovation Award ’18 Winner
  • COMEXIO Doorstation

2019 In-house exhibition COMEXIO DAYS

  • Introduction Quickbus technology
  • Multi-Bridge
  • Innovative pushbutton with wipe function – COMEXIO Multitouch
  • RGBW-Spot
  • Digital Input Modul
  • First in-house exhibition COMEXIO DAYS

2020 Field distributor 4th generation

  • Field distributor 4th generation
  • Modbus-Bridge
  • Smart motion detector – COMEXIO Motion

2021 Product innovations

  • COMEXIO Touchpanel: 3-in-1 device fills the gap in the Smart Home market
  • Mini Network Cabinet
  • IO-Server third generation

2022 Many more product innovations planned

  • Exciting new products await you again in 2022.