15 07, 2015

Comexio catalogue

The new Comexio Complete catalogue is online now.

Beside the Comexio system, technical data and wiring examples you can find field distributions and accessories there.

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10 07, 2015

Showroom expanded

We have further expanded our Showroom. Besides new exhibits and a new Bistro with impressive light scenes, we have reproduced a complete Smart House with all important functions. You have a current project? Then make an appointment now and be amazed. support@comexio.com or phone: +49 6351 47 804-0

1 07, 2015

Universal Dimmer

Innovative lighting with smart dimming technology

The Comexio Universal Dimmer fits for all dimmable illuminants, no matter if it is a bulb, halogen lamp, compact fluorescent light or LED.

Because of changes from bulb to LED and compact fluorescent light there are often problems with existing dimmers. With our new Universal Dimmer this comes to an end.