Innovative lighting with smart dimming technology

The Comexio Universal Dimmer fits for all dimmable illuminants, no matter if it is a bulb, halogen lamp, compact fluorescent light or LED.

Because of changes from bulb to LED and compact fluorescent light there are often problems with existing dimmers. With our new Universal Dimmer this comes to an end. It recognizes dimmable illuminants and assigns the suitable dimming procedure.

Also nearly every conventional or electronic transformer for low voltage illuminants is dimmable. Therefore this suits perfect for atmospheric lighting scenes.

This Dimmer is not only intelligent concerning on illuminant recognition, but also enables larger load or groups of illuminants to be controlled. The maximum power is with parallel connection of all six outputs 1050 Watt.

With the integrated power and current measurement you realise earlier, if an illuminant is defect. It is also easier to determine the actual efficiency of your lighting.

Or detect how the current really behaves during dimming. Click here for the Dimmer