Let’s go into the Smart Home – and have some fun!

The Smart Home can do a lot of things for you that you never dreamt of! You want to have a nice quiet evening watching TV with your children? At a single command, the beamer screen is lowered from the ceiling, the lights are dimmed to create a pleasant atmosphere, and the roller blinds are lowered down. Interfering sources of light are eliminated. Or for a special occasion in the living room and the dining room, select the lounge mode, for an agreeable pleasant ambiance that you have chosen.

When leaving the house, you switch off all the lighting using a central switch, thus eliminating unnecessary electricity guzzlers. At the same time, the heat setting also is reduced. The refrigerator and the freezer, of course, remain on. You no longer have to go through the entire house to deactivate each individual device, saving you considerable time and effort. You are on holiday and lying on the beach. The sea roars and the palm trees sway in the wind. Now you want to know whether everything is okay at home. You pick up your smartphone and check it! Are all the windows shut? What are the temperatures in the individual rooms? You can check it at a glance! COMEXIO allows you to check, regulate and control all the facilities in your house by remote control – be it smoke detectors, cameras or electrical devices. You just relax and enjoy your holiday!

Basically, the following applies: When you are away from home for a while – your COMEXIO home automatically turns down the heating. You open a window, COMEXIO deactivates the heating. Or you’re returning home soon and it’s cold. While travelling home you can increase the heating! Ultimately, COMEXIO enables you to determine an individual temperature for each room. COMEXIO enables you to heat your home by way of a smart state-of-the-art method! Even a fully automated roller blind control made by COMEXIO provides the right temperature for your house by applying an ingenious method. The shadowing of the rooms adjusts itself to the influence of solar radiation.

You want to know how much electricity each individual technical device consumes? COMEXIO will provide information on light, household equipment and entertainment electronics. You will discover quite easily all the possiblities for saving money! Energy guzzlers no longer have a chance. How much energy do you actually need for heating? COMEXIO will provide you with the exact information. You live in harmony with nature and you are still extremely comfortable.

And of course, COMEXIO also protects you against burglars! With COMEXIO, during your absence your house does not give the impression of being uninhabited. Program your Smart Home in such a way that the roller blinds go up and down automatically or that the lights go on and off. That discourages burglars. And above all, by using COMEXIO your home will never again be unsupervised. No matter where you are, you know everything that happens in your Smart Home! Motion detectors control the lighting and sound the alarm should anything suspicious happen. Program COMEXIO to send a message to your smartphone.