With COMEXIO, is “Kevin alone” in the Smart Home

You know the story: The night is moonless. The house lies abandoned in the darkness. Two sinister shapes are approaching. In their hands they carry crowbars. “The homeowners are gone. This is the opportunity! Gold, jewelry and valuables are already waiting inside!” The two crooks are trying to get access to a window. Suddenly, gunshots are heard. The burglars freeze. In the living room, the TV is suddenly on. A western is playing. The floor lamp next to the armchair is also suddenly on. “What’s going on! Isn’t someone home?!” In the famous movie “Home Alone”, a little boy operates the TV and turns on the lights. All the tricks that Kevin accomplished are done today by your Smart Home. It secures your home – without paste on the door handle or slingshots in the window.

Protect your home against burglars – even if they have already arrived at your door. Press the panic button. COMEXIO will turn on all the exterior lights of your house and lower the shutters. Optionally, you can also turn on the sprinkler so that the bad guys are literally left out in the rain. With the motion camera you can observe the processes at the house. If something seems strange, you can of course alert the police directly.

Your house protects you – intelligently and reliably.

Whether city villa or small single-family house: Any house can become a target for burglars. No matter where you are, in a restaurant in the city or on an island in the Caribbean – you always know what’s happening at home. This security accompanies you everywhere. A good feeling, isn’t it?

Thanks to Smart Home, however, it doesn’t even have to come to that that your unoccupied house attracts thieves. Thanks to programming, the house looks inhabited, because the shutters can open and close automatically, the lights can turn on and off, and even the typical flickering of the TV can be seen in the evening if desired. Neither thieves nor your neighbors will notice that you are out of the house.

There is nothing burglars fear more than meeting the owners of the house in person. Thanks to COMEXIO, uninvited guests stay outside in any case – even when you’re on the road. This is ensured by motion detectors that automatically control the lighting or take over the alarm function when you are not at home. Program your system so that you receive an immediate message on your smartphone while you are away, in case something suspicious happens. This is what we call maximum security for maximum convenience.

Your data is safe! COMEXIO uses the same security standard as your bank

COMEXIO technology is designed to protect you. So that you can live worry-free, we have made our system secure. COMEXIO’s software is protected against hackers with a security standard comparable to that of banks. No one can quickly manipulate the system and take away your control over your house. Among other things, this is ensured by complex, sophisticated encryption and an authenticated login. To ensure that security also keeps pace with the times, we continuously expand and regularly review our systems. Finally, we want you to be at least as safe in your home as the money in your bank.

Our safety precautions in overview:

  • High security through encryption

  • Authenticated login

  • Regular safety check

  • Continuous further development of the software