The best IO-SERVER ever.



The best IO-SERVER ever.


Next Level of Better Smart Home

The best IO-SERVER ever.

Next Level of Better Smart Home

Welcome to the Next Level, Welcome to Level 3

Seven years after the introduction of the IO-Server 2G, we have incorporated years of customer feedback with the third generation. In addition to the new elegant design, the new IO-Server 3G has an integrated status display for the relays. Furthermore, the new processor impresses with a threefold speed optimization compared to the previous model. The 3rd generation is fully compatible with the 2nd generation! The software and free updates are still included. This ensures maximum security and keeps your Smart Home up to date. Even after purchase, your Smart Home will be enriched with new features, making it smarter and smarter.

IO-Server 3G Features:

Faster processor

The new processor offers a triple speed optimization. Page loading in the app is faster and working in COMEXIO Studio is significantly smoother.

Quickbus onboard

With the integrated Quickbus interface, both the Multitouch and the Motion can be controlled without additional hardware. Learn more about this here.

Displaying the status of the relays

The IO-Server 3G has a status display of the relays.

Direct switchable

For example, lighting and socket circuits can be switched directly at the server if required.

SD card slot

In addition to the industrial memory, there is an SD card slot for more Doorstation images, more data points in monitoring, and more memory for remanent flags.

True-RMS current measurement

Improved current measurement via True-RMS is possible with the new IO-Server 3G.

Real Time Clock

The integrated Real Time Clock is another detail improvement.

Upgrade of the 1-Wire interface

The interface and the used sensors are better protected against overvoltage in the future.

KNX interface

The KNX interface remains fully intact.

Discover the new server generation

The data sheet and further information can be found in the store.

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