23 09, 2015

Comexio Startup Manual

With our new complete Startup Manual we supply you with a significant help. By using our Manual you are offhand in the position to solve most requirements quick and easy.

From general adjustments and logic to individual visualisations everything is explained.

15 07, 2015

Comexio catalogue

The new Comexio Complete catalogue is online now.

Beside the Comexio system, technical data and wiring examples you can find field distributions and accessories there.

Download now

10 07, 2015

Showroom expanded

We have further expanded our Showroom. Besides new exhibits and a new Bistro with impressive light scenes, we have reproduced a complete Smart House with all important functions. You have a current project? Then make an appointment now and be amazed. support@comexio.com or phone: +49 6351 47 804-0

1 07, 2015

Universal Dimmer

Innovative lighting with smart dimming technology

The Comexio Universal Dimmer fits for all dimmable illuminants, no matter if it is a bulb, halogen lamp, compact fluorescent light or LED.

Because of changes from bulb to LED and compact fluorescent light there are often problems with existing dimmers. With our new Universal Dimmer this comes to an end.

11 05, 2015

Comexio API

For all developers: With the next firmware COMEXIO gets an official API, which enables communication with internal developments or superior software solutions without detours.

5 04, 2015

Firmware 2.6

For Easter we have a small gift for you. The new Firmware is there. We have particularly extended the EIB/KNX port. Download now

6 08, 2014

New Products

The countdown is running. Soon the first new products of this year’s Light and Building get on the marked. For all who will not miss our innovations: We will inform you via Newsletter, if the time comes. Register now.

5 08, 2014

Reinforcement wanted

An innovative corporation with a likeable team and ambitious aims is searching for reinforcement for further expansion. Apply Now! Click here for the vacancies. more