30 09, 2022

Light and Building 2022

The time has come! At Light and Building we will exclusively present new hardware and software for your Smart Home.

Don’t miss the date: 2.10 – 6.10.2022. Note: Support is limited during this time, please use our ticket system in urgent cases.


28 09, 2022


The long awaited Universal Input Module is now available! More information about the new device can be found as usual in our store. Click here to go to the store go to the store here

21 09, 2022

Comexio at the light+building

We are pleased to welcome you at the light+building from 02.10.22 to 06.10.22. As at every fair we will present new hard- and software. You will find us in hall 11 | B35.

We wish you exciting days at the fair and are looking forward to your visit! See you there!

4 08, 2022

Comexio Demoboard 3G

New Demoboard: Smart Home 2 Go

The Comexio Demoboard has been updated and brought to the latest state of the art. With the IO-Server 3G and the combination of Multitouch and Motion you now have ideal conditions to simulate versatile functions. We have always made sure that the new demo board remains compact and mobile. With

4 08, 2022

Improved relays

The use of more and more LED lamps in commercial and residential properties is already in full swing. The resulting inrush currents and additional strong inductive loads challenge our high-quality relays again and again.

To meet the increasing demands, we have decided to replace the changeover relays in our devices with new relays with higher quality

16 12, 2021

Company vacation

The COMEXIO team wishes you Merry Christmas and many contemplative hours in the circle of your family! Stay healthy and start successfully into the new year!

From 23.12.2021 COMEXIO is on vacation and on 06.01.2022 again for you.

Orders and support requests after 22.12.2021 will be processed by a small team on 30.12.2021. All other deliveries and

3 12, 2021


Revolutionary software update!

With QUANTUM we unveil the first product after the COMEXIO in-house exhibition. Our biggest update to date represents a Software Quantum Leap that will take your Smart-Home to the next LEVEL. The software package has evolved enormously in recent weeks. Now it’s your turn to take a closer look at OS 7 Beta

20 09, 2021

Autonomous Smart Shuttle System

The development of new products and processes plays a major role at COMEXIO. This is how the idea of the innovative Smart Shuttle System was born.

The Smart Shuttle System is an autonomous transport system that combines assembly support, transport operations and warehouse automation. For this purpose, a self-learning modular system is created with the help

14 09, 2021

IO-Extension and Universal-Actuator now with status LEDs

Welcome to the next level. Welcome to Level 3.

Curtain up for the new generation of system devices. All system devices, from the IO-Server to the Modbus-Bridge, have received an upgrade. The third generation does not only look more stylish but also brings advantages. From now on IO-Server, IO-Extension and Universal-Actuator have

1 09, 2021

Demoboard with all-round update

Our Demoboard has been updated in terms of hardware and Quickbus and is, on balance, more affordable than the previous version. The new IO-Server and LED-Dimmer generation gives the Demoboard a significant upgrade. Also new is the Quickbus interface for the integration of the Multitouch. For this purpose, the Multitouch Demo Kit is included on

20 07, 2021

Official software for IO-Server 3G

Hello together,

with the release of the Comexio OS 6.2 software we officially start the support for the new third generation IO-Server. There are no new features included, but the firmware files have been adapted for the respective new devices. In the following table you can see which firmware will be used for which device in

11 06, 2018

Smart Home Germany Award 2018

COMEXIO won the Smart Home Germany Award 2018 in the category “best product”!

The company COMEXIO was able to win the most important award in the smart home business and competed with over hundred other well-known manufacturers.
The award was handed over to the CEO of COMEXIO in front of two hundred other guests.

10 11, 2016

Five tips for programming COMEXIO

After successful installation in the distribution you must necessarily deal with the programming. But how can I do this as effectively as possible, quickly and comprehensibly?

‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌

In order to answer this question, we have compiled some tips

6 09, 2016

16 times Power with the Universal Actuator

16 relay outputs for lights, shutters, control valves and more. Each relay is able to switch consumers with up to a consumption of 16 A. Of course, with our integrated consumption measurement per relay block.

16 relay outputs for lights, shutters, control valves and

17 02, 2016

Do not forget: Light and Building from 13.3. – 18.3.

This year we are at the Light and Building back on the field again. At our stand you will experience not only the premiere of our latest innovations, but you can try some immediately.


Our numerous exhibits not only invite you to try but make you wanting more.


Why don’t you come and visit us and see

17 02, 2016

The COMEXIO APP has arrived!

Get access to your IO-Server directly with the COMEXIO APP on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet!

Why an app at all? Everything works through the browser?

That’s true, but the APP also has many other features such as an automated login. It also automatically detects whether you have access to your system via the Internet

4 01, 2016

Do you know our new Demoboard?

This has a significantly greater range of functions than its previous version, despite more compact and lighter design.

In addition to the IO server it has a LED dimmer with a RGB and a warm white LED strips which can be controlled. As a result, extensive controls can be implemented, for example, color-coordinated lighting scenes.

It is

15 07, 2015

Comexio catalogue

The new Comexio Complete catalogue is online now.

Beside the Comexio system, technical data and wiring examples you can find field distributions and accessories there.

Download now

11 05, 2015

Comexio API

For all developers: With the next firmware COMEXIO gets an official API, which enables communication with internal developments or superior software solutions without detours.

6 08, 2014

New Products

The countdown is running. Soon the first new products of this year’s Light and Building get on the marked. For all who will not miss our innovations: We will inform you via Newsletter, if the time comes. Register now.

5 08, 2014

Reinforcement wanted

An innovative corporation with a likeable team and ambitious aims is searching for reinforcement for further expansion. Apply Now! Click here for the vacancies. more