COMEXIO Smart Home

Make an end to isolated solutions

With COMEXIO you get an enormously powerful and affordable solution for building automation. Say goodbye to standalone solutions and set on a system-wide Concept for blinds, heating, lighting and more.
Through the interaction of various functions such as temperature control, shading and lighting, you do not just have a real added value compared to a conventional installation, but also to each isolated solution.

Comexio is the only system that met all our needs at a reasonable price!
Medimax Group

All functions at a glance

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Smart Home

Your SmartHome helps active in many daily tasks. Because the possibilities of Comexio are almost unlimited, here are only the most important and most frequently used applications presented.

Home automation with COMEXIO

Fit for the future

  • Future-proof central cabling
  • Modularly expandable
  • Softwareupdates inclusided
  • Always on the current state of the art

Your benefits at a glance

  • Easy handling from PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or IP room controllers
  • All in one box, with no additional cost for software / licenses
  • Especially cost-saving
  • Easy retrofitting with radio systems
  • Protects your property and your data
  • Uses network security standards as your bank
Am thrilled! Just great!
Peter Prinz

Comexio for retrofitting

Comexio zum Nachrüsten

Soon you can install Comexio also in existing buildings. We will inform you when the time comes.

Stay tuned.

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