The IO-Server

The powerful center for your home, almost all inclusive, see for yourself

  • Powerful software included
  • Simple programming
  • KNX-compatible
  • Full-value home server
  • Consumption measurement in every channel
  • Freely extendable

The COMEXIO IO SYSTEM is the fully browser-enabled system for your inexpensive introduction to an intelligent building. You can start with an IO server, which carries out all control tasks.

In this way Comexio offers numerous areas of use, from controlling the roller shutter blinds and heating, to switching the lighting and electrical equipment on through to efficient energy management. The use options are almost limitless!

Hammer, gibt nichts besseres
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Limitless extendible

Comexio Produkte

The COMEXIO server can be extended as required using numerous extensions. You can also connect several servers together in a network via IP. COMEXIO is therefore ideal for projects and buildings of any size. Furthermore COMEXIO is compatible to a lot of other systems

KNX/EIB Symbol
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Integrate, e.g. EIB/KNX sensors and push-buttons in COMEXIO or add logic functions and data displays to existing installations. By the way, your can also use COMEXIO as an EIB/KNX IP gateway for programming.


Unique hardware

The IO is perfectly harmonised with practice, is flexible in use and makes it possible to connect directly conventional sensors, scanners and actuators. Universal inputs for different voltage levels, floating relays with current measurement and inputs and outputs that can also be used digitally, e.g. for canners, make possible usage that is completely flexible.

The COMEXIO principle

Das COMEXIO-Prinzip

Light, heat, energy and safety are largely controlled by the COMEXIO system. However, you can also intervene at any time using a smartphone, computer or tablet. Even on the move!

Different sensors and you, of course, provide the COMEXIO system with information.

It processes this information according to a logic circuit fixed by you and puts different processes into motion.

Ingenious system, unthinkable many possibilities
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 Comexio for retrofitting

Comexio zum Nachrüsten

Soon you can install Comexio also in existing buildings. We will inform you when the time comes.

Stay on the ball.

 Software inclusive

Visu und App auf Tablet und Smartphone


Completely freely-configurable visualisation for virtually every browser-enabled terminal device such as a smartphone, tablet, computer or touchscreen.

Easy programming

Visu und App auf Tablet und Smartphone

Implement almost any requirement simply via drag and drop live and from any location. There are no limits for your imagination.

More Software

Energy monitor/ smart metering

Monitoring mit Comexio

Make your power and energy consumption transparent with the powerful, integrated monitoring tool. In combination with a Smart Meter Comexio is a adequate energy management system.

 Current measurement in every channel

All COMEXIO components have as standard an integrated current measurement in every switching and dimming channel that permits not only the graphic depiction of current and power. It also provides completely new functions such as the detection of faulty lamps, checking whether the washing machine is still running or the shutter has hit an obstacle, and much more…

To much Information? Here Comexio is simply explained again!

Great Support! Don’t leave you in the lurch with problems!
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Top value for money

  • Powerful software included
  • Simple programming
  • KNX-compatible
  • Full-value home server
  • Consumption measurement in every channel
  • Freely extendable


414 Euro

exclusiv of VAT

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