Universal Aktor

Technical data

Power supply Voltage 24V DC
Current consumption max. 120mA
Power consumption 1.2 to 2.8W
16 Relay outputs Normally open contact with max. 230V AC 16A
Integrated current measurement max. 16A per relay block
Group current per terminal block max. 16A
Total current Universal actuator max. 64A (max. 30°C), max. 48A (max.40°C)
Common foot contact per relay block
Screw connection max. 2,5mm²
Internal locking
Size (W/H/D) 160 x 90 x 60mm
9 subunits for top hat rail mounting
Degree of protection In control cabinet IP20
In installation distributor IP30 (with cover)
Neutral connection Comparative potential for internal locking

Wiring examples

Connection of roller shutters and motors

Due to the internal interlocking, always use the first or last two relays of a terminal block.

Rollladensteuerung mit Universal Aktor

Switching consumers

Beleuchtung mit Universal Aktor

Please note

When connecting an extension, the slide switch on the first device (IO server) and only on the last device (extension) must be moved to the left; this also applies to several extensions. In the case of extensions connected in between, the slide switch must be pushed to the right.


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