LED Dimmer

Technical data

9 x Dimmer output Input voltage 12-50V DC
Integrated current measurement max. 4A per channel
Group current per dimmer extension 20A
Screw connection max. 2,5mm²
Power supply Voltage 24V DC
Current consumption max. 30mA
Power consumption max. 0.8W
Cable lengths 12m at 2A/ 12VDC per channel
24m at 2A/ 24VDC per channel
Size (W/H/D) 90 x 54 x 60mm
3 subunits for top hat rail mounting
Degree of protection In control cabinet IP20
In installation distributor IP30 (with cover)

Wiring example

The COMEXIO LED dimmer allows you to mix different voltages (e.g. 12V and 24V). Here there are no problems with the control of the illuminants.

LED Dimmer


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