Wiring Topology

At COMEXIO, we rely on a central, future-proof wiring topology. This means that almost all cables are pulled into one or more central distributors. This entails a certain amount of additional work in the initial cabling, but can be put into perspective by cheaper cables for e.g. push buttons and more distributors (each level). Decisive advantages of this topology are that on the one hand one is very flexible and on the other hand one has future-proof wiring.

The basic principle of the wiring topology

Verdrahtung COMEXIO-System mit Rolladensteuerung
Lead Example Recommended cable Colour
Sensor Pushbuttons, brightness sensors, motion detectors, wind sensors JY (ST) Y
Actuator Roller shutters, lighting, sockets, control valves NYM lead
Network Cable Comexio, Router, NAS, IP Camera CAT 6 or 7

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • future-proof: system-independent cabling
  • simple wiring principle
  • higher wiring costs
  • very flexible: the individual and new functions of sensors and actuators can be changed in the software at any time without rewiring.

Wiring topology in a single-family house

By using several distributors, i.e. at least one per level, enormous installation effort can be saved!

Verdrahtung Haus und Rolladen

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