Wiring topology

At COMEXIO, we rely on a central future-secure wiring topology. That means that almost all lines are drawn into one central or several distributors. This requires more effort in initial cabling, but it is compensated somewhat by less expensive lines for buttons and more distributors (at every level). The decisive advantages of this topology are flexibility on the one hand, and future-secure wiring on teh other.

Basic principle of the wiring topology

Verdrahtung COMEXIO-System
Wire Example Recommended cable Colour
Sensor Button, brightness sensors, motion detectors, wind sensors J Y(St)Y
Actuator Shutters, lighting, sockets, control valves NYM Wire
Network line Comexio, router, NAS, IP camera CAT 6 or 7

Pros and cons

  • Future-secure: system-independent cabling
  • Simple wiring principle
  • Greater wiring effort
  • Very flexible: the individual and new functions of sensors and actuators can be changed at any time in the software, usually without rewiring

Wiring topology in a single-family house

By using more than one distributor at least one per level an enormous amount of installation effort can be saved

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