Forget to turn down the heating?… not with COMEXIO!

Heating control

Set your personal comfort temperature for each room. Simply use a 0-10V room controller or set the room temperature conveniently via your tablet.

Heating off for airing

Forgetting to turn down the heating while airing can happen quickly. But in combination with window contacts, your heating will do this by itself in the future.

By the way: Use your window contacts at the same time as an alarm system if, for example, a window is opened after 11 pm.

Everything at a glance

Create a clear visualization to have all room temperatures at a glance at any time. Or of course to see if a window is still open.

Choose the right time

Heat only when you are at home. If you are at work during the day, the heaters simply switch off. And on time 2 hours before you are back home the heaters start to heat up the rooms again. The calendar entries in COMEXIO OS help you with this.

Central function

You are on vacation for 3 weeks? Then drive all heaters into a frost protection mode of 5°C. Either with a main button at the entrance door or by means of visualization and your smartphone.

Example: Your realization of a heating control could look like this.

Wiring examples

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