This tutorial explains how to create and use 1-Wire sensors in COMEXIO.

Step one:

First navigate to the 1-Wire settings. In the logic you will find the point 1-Wire in the toolbar. At this point, the detail button must be pressed in order to access the 1-Wire monitor.

EIB/KNX / 1-Wire Menü
EIB/KNX / 1-Wire Menü

Step two:

Here you can now display, teach-in, name and delete the individual 1-Wire sensors. Please note that the “iButton” must be in the socket to display it. After switching on (“click on switch on”) the available sensors will be displayed. To teach them in, click on “Add”.

Tip! Connect the 1-Wire sensors to the bus one after the other and label them immediately for a unique identification.

1-Wire Menü

Under 1-Wire you will now see the taught-in 1-Wire temperature sensor.

1-Wire Modul

These are of course also available for monitoring or visualization purposes.

1-Wire Modul