Remote access

Step 1:

To set up remote access for COMEXIO, you need a COMEXIO shop account to access the project manager. You can create this under “Login” – “Create user account”.

Access the “Planner” via “Tools”.

Step 2:

Create this under “New”, “Remote Access”.

Optionally, you can set up remote access in each project by first clicking on the corresponding project and then clicking on the plus sign next to Remote access.

Step 3:

In the window, enter the name of the remote access and the COMEXIO serial number of the IO-Server (to be found in the System info or on the page of the server). The URL creates itself from these two pieces of information and must be entered in the COMEXIO App under “global address”.

Here you can also select if the connection should be encrypted. For SSL encryption we recommend port 443, otherwise port 80.

Step 4:

In addition to the settings on, a check mark must also be set in the IO-Server for “Use Comexio Remote”. The IP-address of the gateway and the DNS server must also be entered. Usually, the addresses of the gateway and the DNS server are identical and you can simply set the checkmark for DNS server.

Step 5:

In addition, port forwarding must be set up in the router. In addition, port forwarding must be set up in the router. Depending on which manufacturer you have, you have to set up port sharing.

In the following, this is explained using the Fritz!Box (OS 6.83) as an example. Entering in the command line of the browser takes you to the Fritz Box. Here, under “Internet” – “Shares”, you will find the button “Add device for shares”.

Step 6:

The IP-address used here is the default IP-address. If this IP-address has been changed in the system, it must of course be entered. With an SSL encrypted connection, only the port changes from 80 to 443.


Since this self-created connection does not have a security certificate, a security query is displayed again. After clicking on “I know the risk” you will be redirected to your server.

Step 7:

The URL provides an easy way to access the server after setup and should be stored as a bookmark. If the setup was successful, the IP is displayed behind the port number in the Comexio Project Manager.