Installation in the distribution list

In order to maintain order, transparency and flexibility in your installation distributor, we recommend that all inputs and outputs of the IO-SERVER and the extensions be routed to terminal blocks. The 24VDC power supply must be designed in such a way as to prevent the power supply unit from being overloaded. Furthermore, it must be ensured that the group and total current of the IO server and extensions is not exceeded.

Connect all required inputs and outputs. To avoid problems with the assignment later on, we recommend that you enter the connected devices in the overview of the short instructions.

Extend your system with system devices, if desired. To obtain more functions and inputs and outputs, simply expand your IO server with one or more system devices (up to 25), using the flat ribbon cable or a conventional shielded wire connection, paying attention to the correct dimensioning of the cables. The bus connection must be established as a line topology and should not exceed a length of 150 m with conventional wiring. To terminate the bus correctly, the slide switch on the first and last device must be pushed to the left under the 24VDC terminal.

After the installation is complete, connect the 24VDC power supply. After approx. 6 seconds the LED of the IO-Server flashes, the server starts up. After approx. 20 seconds the IO-Server is ready for operation.

In order to establish a connection between your router and the IO server, we recommend at least a category 5 IT connection.

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