Basics of graphic programming

In the menu bar, under Logic, you will find the graphic programming. A new function chart can be created by clicking on the plus symbol. The logic blocks are simply dragged and dropped into the programming field, similar to visualization. Further information can be found in the Comexio manual.

grafische Programmierung

If these are placed, the link line is created by clicking on the block output. After that it has to be connected to a block input.

Linie erzeugen

If this connection is correct, the line turns green and must then be confirmed by clicking on the block input.

Verbindung herstellen

Since the connection line is still hanging on the mouse pointer, you can now either establish another connection with another block or confirm and end the action by clicking in the empty field.

Optional: If you only want to make a simple connection between two modules, you can click on the block output and hold down the mouse button until it reaches the block input. After you have released the mouse button, the connection is carried out automatically.

In graphic programming, a distinction is made between analog and digital block inputs and outputs. A connection can only be established between an analog input and output or between a digital input and output.

analoge und digitale Ein- und Ausgänge

To delete a block, click on it and hold down the mouse button. The trash can in the upper left corner now turns red. If you move the block to this trash can, the symbol will be crossed out. After releasing the mouse pointer, the deletion process is completed. You can also delete blocks by marking them with a frame or a double-click and pressing the Remove key.

Baustein löschen